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Lucas Barbat

Allow us to introduce Lucas Barbat, a seasoned professional boasting an impressive track record of skillfully managing and overseeing mortgage volumes exceeding 1 billion Dollars. With nearly a decade’s worth of experience entrenched in the mortgage industry, Lucas brings a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise to each client interaction, regardless of the scenario. Whether […]

Donovan Hayoo

Donovan Hayoo is a true Mortgage Expert Extraordinaire, specializing in turning dreams into reality, especially when it comes to homeownership. Navigating the Path to Your Dream Home Are you seeking to embark on the journey of owning a home? Meet Donovan, a dedicated Mortgage Expert who is adept at guiding individuals and families toward their […]

Angelo Essak

Angelo is a dedicated licensed loan officer driven by a strong desire to assist individuals in reaching their financial objectives. Whether it’s contemplating a refinance, equity loan, or home purchase, Angelo possesses the requisite knowledge and tools to offer exceptional service. Central to his approach is a belief in the efficacy of simplicity in every […]

Jon Garmo

Meet Jon Garmo, your dedicated mortgage professional with 8 years of industry expertise. With a remarkable 6-year journey at Rocket Mortgage, Jon has closed hundreds of millions in mortgages, bringing your homeownership dreams to life. What sets Jon apart is his client-centric approach. He’s not just about numbers; he’s about you. Jon believes in empowering […]

Francis Garmo

Francis AKA Frank AKA Frankie is a highly experienced Mortgage Specialist with almost a decade of dedicated service in the mortgage industry. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over ten years, Francis has become a trusted expert in real estate financing. His client-centric approach and commitment to excellence have consistently led clients to successful homeownership […]