Meet Our Team

meet our team

Drew Michael - Executive Mortgage Broker

With an impressive tenure of nearly 11 years dedicated to the mortgage industry, Drew Michael emerges as a seasoned Mortgage Banker specializing adeptly in both home purchases and mortgage refinancing. Having initially embarked on his professional journey as a Union Carpenter involved in home construction, Drew transitioned his expertise into the intricate realm of mortgages, shifting from building residences to facilitating their acquisition and refinancing.

Key Highlights:

Rich Expertise: Drew’s extensive immersion in the field spanning over a decade has endowed him with an intimate grasp of the intricate nuances defining the mortgage landscape. His insights serve as a guiding light for individuals seeking adept financial solutions for their homeownership aspirations.

Personal Touch: Beyond his professional accolades, Drew cultivates an ardent enthusiasm for golf and travel, with a particular fondness for the captivating allure of Mexico. Amid the intricate orchestration of mortgage intricacies, Drew harmonizes his pursuits with leisure on the verdant greens of golf courses and the vibrant cultural tapestry south of the border.

Unwavering Availability: Drew takes immense pride in his unwavering accessibility, a true testament to his commitment to clients and their ambitions. Acknowledging that the path to homeownership isn’t confined to standard working hours, Drew remains on call to ensure timely responsiveness. Moreover, he exhibits prowess in communication, promptly conveying both favorable and adverse developments to all involved parties in the mortgage process.

Relationship-Driven: Drew’s influence transcends mere transactions; he fosters enduring connections. Whether engaging with esteemed clients or respected real estate professionals, connecting with Drew signifies forging a partnership deeply invested in mutual success.

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